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December 6, 2011
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You looked through your bag one last time, better safe than sorry. You've been planning this for months, ever since you had tracked him and learned his schedule. No sense mucking it up after coming this far...

Like clockwork, he leaves the group and starts off on his own. Sneaking after him, you soon find yourself far from anyone else, the perfect time to strike. Before he knows what's happening, your hand covers his mouth and nose with a chloroform-soaked rag. A few moments of heavy struggling from the boy before his eyes shut and he is yours!

You watch your prize's eyes flutter on the screen before they open. It takes a few more moments for them to focus and start taking in his predicament. Arms stretched high, pulling his naked torso tight to the pillar behind him. His legs outstretched in front of him, stopping at his ankles locked in a heavy set of wooden stocks, his bare feet on the other side.

He wiggles his oh-so-adorable toes, trying to see if he can do anything to even see them, but they are blocked from his vision.

You make sure the cameras all around the room are recording properly before you leave the control booth you've made yourself and creep into the torture room. You hear him without even getting close.

"Help! Is someone there? Please help!" Justin wiggles and pulls at his arms and legs. Silently, you move up to the pillar behind him. Reaching around them, slowly you start wiggling your fingers up and down his sides.

"EEEEEAAAAWHAHAHAT!? Eeeheeheeeewhahahat the heck ihihis gohohoing ohohon! Stahahaap eeeeheeeeehe! Ihihit thihihihicklesss heheeehee!" Justin shrieks at the out-of-nowhere sensations, and starts wiggling from side to side.

Your fingers continue to tease the soft sides of the teen pop star as he giggles and wiggles. His laughter increases in pitch as your fingers tickle up his ribs and then dip into his pits.

"NAHAA Ahahahaoohoooho onohoho plehehehehease stahahaap! IHIHIHIHT tihickles! EHehehee!" His smooth armpits feel like silk under your fingertips, almost as if he hadn't even started growing any hair there! You smirk to yourself as you dig in.

"EHEHEHEE EHHEehehhheeeestahahaap hihihihttt HAHhahahahaaheheee!" Justin jumps as much as he can, tied and stocked as he is.

You lean in to whisper into his left ear, not stopping the tickling. "Welcome, Justin Bieber, to my Tickle Dungeon!" Raking your fingers across his widely open armpits, you love how he shrieks and giggles.

"EEEEEHEHEHEHHEHEHHHAAH EHEHEH EHEHEHNAHAH STHTHAAPP AHHEHEHEHE!" He begs and pleads for mercy for the entire ten minute long armpit tickling.

You leave him to recover, moving around to the short chair you placed in front of the stocks. You don't care about him seeing your face - it won't matter in the end.

Sitting in front of him, you grin at Justin. He pants, catching his breath with wide eyes as you look between his face and his feet. They twitch and wiggle before you even touch them.

"Puh... Please. No more. Please, not my feet. I can't... I'll never tell anyone, I'll stay quiet for my whole life about this I swear, just don't... Not my feet!" You smile sweetly, staring into his eyes as you drag both index fingers down his feet.

"AHHHHHHHNAHHAAAHHH!" He jumps as much as the bonds allow, feet and toes spasm the moment your fingers touch them. You drag them slowly down the very center of his soles, over and over, causing Justin to shriek time and time again, his toes and feet pull and wiggle.

"OHOHO OH GOOHOOD NOHOHOT THIHIHS PLEEHEEEASE!" Slowly you start adding fingers, the teen idol's laughter increasing exponentially with each new one. His silky soft soles twitch and writhe under your light assault.

Justin continues laughing as your fingers scratch and slide over his poor helpless feet, continuing for quite some time before giving the Canadian teen a break.

His head lolled forward as he panted, body slick with sweat. As soon as his breathing returns to normal, you start scratching your nails across the stationary heels of both his feet. His toes curl adorably as he once again starts shrieking with laughter.

"NAHAHAAHAAT AGAHAAHIN! AHAHAHAAHHAAH AHAHA AHAHAHAHAHA AHHA! HAHA AHAHAA HAHAHAAHAHAHAH!" Justin's body moved as much as it could to try and wrest his feet from your torturous clutches, but it was no use. His soles are yours to play with as you please, for as long as you wish. And it doesn't take long before you decide to try somewhere else.

"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHNONONOHOOOHOHOHOHAHHAHAH HA AHHAH AHAA AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!" A brown mop of hair flies as Justin's toes are subjected to the light, wiggling torture of your fingertips.

They wiggle and curl, splay and clench, all to no avail - your tickling fingers never once leave the insanely soft and sensitive toes. Up and down each one, in between and along the undersides.

His laughter continues steadily, a loud, lyrical sound that you want to record and play over and over. But why bother, you can play this instrument anytime you want.

Allowing the boy another break, you slide open a panel on the front of the stocks, above Justin's long toes. Inside are ten pegs, with rubber bands attached to each one. Starting from his left big toe, you slowly start pulling the band around it, before snapping it around the digit.

"Ah! W-what are you doing? Stop it, not my toes! W-wh... No y-you can't! NO! Please!" The teen realizes what you're doing by the fourth toe. But you continue all ten times, and simple as can be, you have Justin Bieber's ultra ticklish feet 100% immobile, with his toes secured back and his arches stretched.

You look him in the eye for a moment, grinning as he continues to beg and plead to be let go, up until you press your index finger directly onto the very center of his stretched right arch. Justin's eyes widen and he stops mid sentence, with a quirky little 'Eerp!' sound. He shakes his head side to side, and in response you nod yours up and down. Then drag your finger up and down.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!" You watch his body buck wildly, trying to escape, then look down at the foot you're scratching so little. It doesn't move a fraction of a millimeter,  and no matter how much Justin clearly is straining every muscle in his foot to make it move, it can't.

You hear the laughter double as you start doing the same thing to the other foot, and its amazing. Staring at these two perfect expanses of pure ticklishness, completely at your mercy, unable to do a single movement, forced to remain still as you unleash any types of hell upon them... Almost too much to take in.


Your fingertips trace random patterns and designs all over the stretched, helpless soles, causing peels of laughter to come from the bound pop star. In no rush, you take the time to slowly examine every inch of his bare feet with your fingers, seeing what causes the most laughter.

After about twenty minutes, a red-face boy is allowed a reprieve as you commit to memory the discoveries you made. Clearly his toes were his most ticklish spot, but especially the second toe of each  foot, as you scribble up and down it - this caused him to flail and scream uncontrollably. Also to note, when you dragged your fingers in circles around his rosy pink heels, it caused Justin to giggle in the most adorable way.

Once he had recovered, you place your hands on his feet, not tickling, just touching. The teen squeaks and gasps before begging. "N-no! Please no more! I can't take it, please, I'll do anything. J-Just don't..."

Your grin widens. "Anything, Justin? What if I asked you to willingly come back tomorrow and resume this position, letting me tickle you all over again? Would that 'anything' be something you'd do?"

The brown-haired boy gasps and shudders. "B-but that just gets me t-t-tickled again!"

You 'tsk'. "Well then I guess we'll just have to keep tickling you now..."


One at a time, you add more and more fingers, until all ten are teasing his round heels. As you ramp it up, Justin's giggles increase, until his a writhing, giggling mess under your skilled tickler's fingers.

Of course his giggles turn into full blown laughter as you being raking your nails up and down his arches.

"AAAAAAAHAHAHAA HAHAHAHAAHAHHA AAHAHAHAH SATAHAAP AHAHAHA AHAOOHOHOHO OHOHOHAHHHA AAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH!" His body thrusts and bucks with helpless abandon as the terrible tickling sensations travel up from his most ticklish body parts.

You smirk as your fingers reach his toes, the ensuing shrieks and screams of ticklish torment simply magical.

Fingertips sliding up and down each toe, all at once, you turn back up to the hysterical boy. "So, change your mind yet about coming back tomorrow?" You pay special attention to his second toes, not letting up to allow him to speak. After a full minute, you let up.

"Ok... Okay... Please.. I'll do it... Just no...more..." His head dipped forward in defeat, your heart soars at having broken him this far. Too bad for him this is only the beginning.

"Oh well, not good enough anymore." You tickle his toes for a second more, and he bucks violently, screaming.

"WHAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! AH! What do you mehean! I said I would, now stop!" Oh how cute, he thinks you'll stop so soon after finally acquiring him.

"I mean that I'll need more from you now, if you want me to stop and let you go, Justin."

"W-what is it you want?" He asks, fearful of your answer.

"I want... You to agree to be my slave. My tickle slave, to be exact - coming here any time I wish so I may tickle you as much as I desire." A wicked gleam fills your eye at the thought.

His eyes widen at the prospect. "N-no! Never!"

You just grin in return.

Grabbing a bottle off the shelf to your left, you open the cap and start smearing baby oil onto Justin's feet. He squeaks and whimpers as you rub it in, increasing the sensitivity of his already-baby-soft soles.

"EheeHEehehehe stahahahap! EhEheeheehEHEEE!" Even the soft rubbing of his feet causes him to start giggling like a schoolboy. It continues until your fingers leave his feet alone for the moment, a blessing, he believes.

Of course, turning on a heating lamp and pointing it towards his soles is truly a curse.

He shifts and shudders as heat buffets his immobile feet. They seem to try and move, but you know just how impossible that is.

Slowly Justin whimpers, then starts really sweating as his feet are heated. The oil starts reacting even more than before, opening even more sensitizing nerves and pores long before you turn the heat away and reposition yourself.

You lean forward slightly, taking in the sight of the teen pop idol, tied helpless with his arms high, chest bared, ankles in stocks and his bare soles bright red from the sensitization you put them through. "Ready to become my slave, Justin?"

"Nuh... Nehver!" He sputters out, still exhausted, the poor boy.

All the better for you, having picked up a hard-bristled hair brush. You drag the ball-tipped prongs all over the reddened left sole.

Justin lets out a loud, shrill shriek for a small moment before falling into silent laughter. His body bucks, wiggles, pulls and squirms all over, not stopping as his one sole is tortured beyond limit.

Continuous brushing of his left foot drives the boy insane, clearly, as he slowly starts tiring from the maddening tickles. His body slows and soon stops moving entirely, having tired completely, leaving Justin Bieber sitting there helpless as you brush his left foot with the hair brush.

Leaving him in that state for a full minute, you abruptly stop. Watching and timing, it takes the singer a grand total of three minutes and forty five seconds to recover from the intense torture. He starts trying to speak, but before more than a panted syllable is uttered, you arm starts scrubbing, this time dragging the brush over the helpless right sole in front of you.

This time, Justin lasts half as long, silently bucking and trying to escape the unbearable torture to his foot. And you take an extra minute after he completely shuts down before stopping. Funnily enough, it only takes him a minute and a half to recover this time.

Undeterred, you return the brush to his left sole, scrubbing madly as the pop star starts writhing uncontrollably once more.

You continue this pattern of scrubbing one foot at a time, reducing Justin to a silent, immobile puddle of ticklishness, awash in a sea of silent laughter, and keeping him there for longer and longer. His recovery time gets longer as time passes, but never too long - the boy is resilient and full of limitless energy it seems.

But his ticklish body is clearly wearing on his mind, as he catches his breath again - he looks into your eyes and they seem to waver in his resolve. "Are you ready yet, to submit to be mine, ticklish Justin?"

The boy takes a moment, swallowing hard. "I... I can't! Puh.. please I'm too too ticklish. J-just let me go now, please, you... You had your fun."

You tsk at him once more, and apply another coat of oil to his red soles.

"EEENEEEEEHEE EPLEEELEEEEEHEEEEEASE! JUHUHUST LET MEEHEHEEGOOHOOHOHOO HHAAHHEHEHHEEHEHEHE EHEHHE HEHE EHEEEE EHEHEHEEEEE!" Poor Justin, he doesn't even move this time, seemingly saving his strength for the true torture soon to come.

"Cuh... Come on, please. I'll do anything, please. I'll give you money, p-private shows, anything you want, just stahaap!" The pop star tries to bargain his way out as he feels the heat once more sensitizing his feet.

But you are not to be dissuaded - after five full minutes, dragging open every last tickle-sensitive nerve in Justin's baby-soft and totally immobile soles, you sit back in front of them.

Once more, your hair brush drives Justin to the edge of ticklish torment as he is forced to sit there and take it. But this time, he end up bucking stronger, harder, and tires far more quickly, because while his entire slick left sole is brushed, you are also brushing a toothbrush up and down each toe on his right foot!

The boy writhed and wriggled madly for a shorter time than usual, before tiring and simply sitting there not moving. His feet being constantly tortured with the most intense tickles of his young life, Justin laughs silently and cannot even bring himself to resist anymore.

And yet your brushing doesn't stop - you slide the toothbrush up and down each toe on his right foot a dozen times before swapping hands and using the hairbrush across that oiled right sole. And the supremely sensitive toes on his left foot fall under the ticklish mercy of the toothbrush.

Time loses all meaning for the both of you at this point. Justin is trapped in a constant flood of ticklish agony, while your entire being is concentrated on tickling the living hell out of the soles you had captured and sensitized beyond imagining.

You slowly put down the brushes once you notice all the oil is gone, absorbed into the skin of the bottoms of Justin's feet over time. Sitting back, you take in the boy, his upper body hanging limply from his wrists, head bent forward.

Giving the tortured star a rest for ten minute, you poke his each of his soles' exact center, once his breathing returns to normal.

"EEHEEYAHH!" He jumps and pulls again - he's back.

You look him in the eye once again and open your mouth, but before you can say a word, he cuts you off. "Yes. I'll... I'll do it, I'll be your tickle slave. J-Just no more. Please. I can't... I'll be your slave but no more tickling right now!"

You smile wide, and drag each index finger lightly around his still-helpless feet. "If you want to be my tickle slave, then beg me, like a proper slave."

"Ehe HEe heHEhHEHehE! Oh hgAahahaaaaaAAD! HEhahah AA! PLeheaheheease! EHehhahea pleahehase mahaake me yohohoour theTHHEHEEETHICKLE SLAAHAVE! HEhehe EHEE PLeeheHEHEEaSE EHEhehE SIR HHEHE MASTER EHEheheehEHEE!" He wriggles lightly, still very weak.

Your fingers continues a light teasing scribbling, "I already have, my Slave."

Justin Bieber continues giggling and laughing for a while longer, with only you and the cameras for company.

About a week later, you hear a knock on the door and look at your watch. Smiling, you notice he's a few minutes early. Opening your front door, you grin widely - shuddering lightly on your doorstep is a blindfolded and barefoot teen pop star. "Good boy. You remembered how I asked you to dress. Do come in Justin."

You close the door behind him, locking it securely - you still have much work to do with your slave, and would very much dislike being disturbed...
Taking a break from writing Demon, I couldn't help but decide to go after my guilty pleasure celeb I think deserves a tickle torturing! :D

So enjoy!
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