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    How Ticklish is Tony Part 2: Very

By: BigBlueFeather
(Part 1 By: Lyle Blake -…)

I smile as the phone slides back into its cradle. Thankfully Sammy, the brother of the muscular handsome wrestler currently bound to my bed, had been the one to pick the phone up. From there it had been too easy; I had asked if he had a brother named Tony. When he replied in the affirmative, I could almost feel the disdain the young boy had for his sibling seeping through the earpiece.

I stared into the wide open eyes of my captive as I told his little brother that if he'd like the opportunity to get even with Tony, to come on over. Who needs pretense when you have an angry little brother just begging for revenge. Trust me, I know.

"He said he'd be right over Tony." Fear immediately ran through his face.

"N-no! You can't let Sammy over here!"

"Why not? He just wants to spend some quality time with his big bro. After all, who wouldn't want to hang out with such a tough guy- Oh yeah! You aren't that tough, are you Tony?"

He glares up at me before I half-lunge at him, fingers extended towards him. He squeals adorably, not something one expects from a muscled seventeen year old wrestler. I laugh and he turns bright red, struggling in his bonds. Too bad for him I am very good at solid, holding knots.

I offer him a drink of water, and he accepts. Of course I don't let him up, I put a straw to his lips as he drinks deeply. By the time I come back from refilling it for him, the doorbell rings.

"No! Don't open it!"

"But Tony thats rude. You wouldn't want to be rude and a wimp, would you?"

"I'm no wimp!"

"We'll see about that..." I cryptically leave that in the air as I leave the room, heading for the front door. I open it to see a less defined and slightly shorter version of my captive panting on my front stoop. I notice the bike behind him is on its side, wheel still spinning. "Sammy."

"Yeah. Y-you said Tony was here and he was available for a few good laughs?"

"Come on in, hes right upstairs." My grin matches that of Sammy as he follows me to his brother. The young lad's eyes light up as they come upon the exposed and helpless form of his torturer, soon to be tortured.

"Hey Tony. Lookit you." Tony squirms as his little brother's eyes rake over his vulnerable form.

"S-Sammy! Y-you gotta help me, untie me! Cmon!" Tony struggles valiantly on his own. But he isn't going anywhere.

"After all the tickling you've done to me? Every night, pinned down in some wresting move and tickled till I can't breath! Then you stop, lemme catch my breath, and do it again! Well guess what? The shoe is on the other foot!" Sammy ends his speech by scratching up his brothers bare left sole, Tony jumping with a guffaw.

"Cohohome on lil bro! I-it was all in good fun! I didn't mean nothin' by it! D-don't!" Tony's body wiggled as he tried to get away from his younger sibling.

"Well then, this'll be all in good fun too then, big bro!" And with that, Sammy's dexterous, long fingers dug into his brothers sides, wiggling deeply.

Tony starts laughing uproariously, wiggling side to side, as his little brother tickles his muscled sides up and down. From hips to ribs, the wrestler's sides suffer under sharp fingers as they coax intense laughter from them, and he was helpless to defend against it.

I meanwhile am standing by the vanity, a perfect view of the handsome wrestler being tortured by his cute younger brother. Bucking and wiggling as long, pointed fingers moved from his sides to his stomach. Smooth and muscled, the skin felt acutely everything that young Sammy did to it, and relayed it directly to Tony's mouth.

"Aw whatsa matter Tone? Too much to handle, big guy like you? C'mon! You're way too old to be this ticklish!" Sammy artfully teases his brother as his finger finds pay-dirt. Tony's back arches off the bed as a delicate finger is slipped into his belly button. The laughter seems to redouble as he bucks and wiggles on my bed.

After a few minutes more of scratching the inner skin of his brother's stomach, Sammy stops, giving Tony a chance to breathe. Loud panting, soon followed by pleas of 'No more!' were heard throughout my bedroom as a fourteen year old boy started to straddle his older brother's chest.

"S-SAM! D-don't!" Tony starts trying to buck his brother off before the younger lad even starts anything.

Leering down into the face of his previous tormentor, Sammy whispers, just loud enough for me to hear it. "Coochie coochie coochie coo! Ticklemonster's gonna tickle you!"

He digs his dagger-like fingers into Tony's armpits, drilling into their nerves as Tony screams loudly, thrashing wildly as he laughs and laughs.

He can't even beg as his little brother's fingers coax peals upon peals of laughter from him, the poor tough guy.

Eventually, I care not to tear my eyes from the sight to even check a clock, the laughter slows, then stops. Sammy continues sitting on his brother's heaving chest until he calms, then digs his fingers once more into the dark-haired sweaty pits for just a moment.

"AAHHH NOPLEASE NO MORE! SAMMY PLEASE I'M BEGGIN'!" Clearly Tony's learnt his lesson. Too bad for him Sammy isn't done teaching.

"Okay, I'll stop tickling you Tony. If you do one thing for me."

"Anything Sam!" Tony replies immediately.

Sam reaches into a pocket on his pants and pulls out a voice recorder. He puts it up to Tony's mouth and says "Say into the mic: My name is Tony, I am the most ticklish little boy on the wrestling team. Please tickle me!"

Tony's eyes widen as he shouts "No way! Who knows what you're gonna do with that!"

Sam's grin widens and he shrugs. He places the recorder down on the nightstand and says "Fine." He starts digging into his brother's armpits once more, causing the tired wrestler to resume his tortured squeals of ticklishness.

A few moments pass as Tony laughs and laughs, his bucking nonexistent now. He's clearly very tired, probably can't take much more of this.

Suddenly Sam's head turns towards me. "Hey dude. Get his feet for me will ya?" And he returns to face his brother's red face, contorted with laughter.

I shrug, leaving my position by the vanity to stand at the foot of my bed. I reach my fingers down to the pair of boy feet bound on my covers, sliding a fingertip up and down each. The toes curl and wiggle as I do, Tony's laughter rising an octave.

Sam turns and grins at me, one I return before we both concentrate on the task at hand.

Tony's toes wiggle faster and faster as I rake my fingers across his arches. Rather long toes, light spattering of dark hair on the tops. His arches are flat and wide, very fun to tease with pointed fingertips, which is just what I do.

Sammy's fingers wiggle through the dark hair in his brother's armpits for five more minutes before he stops. He smiles down at his brother's face as he continues to giggle, I haven't stopped my tickling of the arches I was given by Sammy.

"Alright enough," the younger boy says, and reluctantly I stop.

I don't stray far though, just shifting to the side to watch closer.

"So Tone?" Sammy picks back up the recorder and holds it to his brother's face. Tony lies there panting for a few moments longer before he nods. Sam's eyes alight as he pushes the button. Tony licks his lips before speaking.

"M-my name is Tony. I am the... the most ti...ticklish l-little boy on the wrestling team. P-please t-t-tickle me..." Was very hard for such a tough acting boy to say, but he performed admirably, I note. I look to Sammy, who nods and lifts it to his own lips.

"And this is what he sounds like!" He drops the device onto his brother's chest and pokes his underarms once more. Tony squeals.

"NEEEHEEEHEESAHAHAMMEEEEEE!!" It lasts for a mere handful of moments before the machine is gathered, shut off, and the tape inside is take out. Sam slides off his brother and walks over to me, handing me the tape.

"Hold onto this for me, will ya. Safer with you." I take it with reverence.

"With pleasure. If you ever need it, just come on over." Course, I think to myself, I may require a form of payment for its safe return. An hour in your brother's current predicament should do, I think.

I grin to myself as I put it into one of my drawers for safekeeping for the moment. I turn to see Sam returning to his bound brother's side. He sits next to him and smiles boyishly.

"So you have as much fun as I did Tone?" Tony merely glares up at his brother tiredly. "Here's what's gonna happen, big bro. You aren't gonna tickle me any more. Ever. If you do, that tape is going to your wrestling buddies. Got it?"

Tony nods, eyes wide and frightened at the prospect. Something to look into, for sure, but at this moment, Sammy isn't done.

"Next! It's been years, you've tickle tortured me every night pretty much till I couldn't breath, and then just tickled more! Its time you received a similar punishment. You're gonna come to my room before bed every night, and assume this position. I will tickle you as much as I want and you will just take it. Or else!"

Tony seemed about to protest, but simply asked meekly, "Or else what?"

Sam grinned a particularly evil grin, and told him. "Well, then maybe somehow that recording will end up on your Facebook for aaall your friends to hear, including the wrestling teams all over the area. What might happen if your opponent one time just HAPPENS to slip a few fingers into your bare pits while wrestling?" To punctuate the idea, Sammy does just that, eliciting more ticklish squeals.

"EEEEEE! OOHOOK OK! I-I'll do it!" Tony agreed.

Sam nods and starts untying his poor tickled brother from my bed, and I reluctantly help. We give Tony some more water as he hastily puts his wrestling uniform back on.

Sam turns to me and holds out his hand. I grasp it and shake firmly, smiling at the lad. He tells me "Thanks a lot. No idea how much better you made my life dude."

"Oh, the pleasure was entirely mine. And if you ever are in need of assistance, or the tape, come on over any time. Its close I suppose, if you biked?" I smile wider at the replying nod.

"Not even a five minute ride. But we should get going or Mom's gonna worry.  I really do owe you one though!" We start downstairs as I see them out.

"Oh I know you do. And I just might call in the favor someday, just you wait." With a wink as Sammy shudders, imagining what might be required of him as a favor to me, I lead them outside and watch as they walk off down the street together, Sammy walking his bike instead of riding it.

I grin as I see the shorter figure poke the taller, a squeak resonating down the street. Half a lunge is performed by the larger silhouette before it stops short, deflating under words of reminder from its smaller companion. I return inside, having had a most wonderful day shoppi...

Dammit! I left the mayo in the car this whole time! Crap, now I'll have to go back tomorrow...

I grin at the thought.
Here's the continuation to a story written for TKLFrat [link] - Continuing Lyle Blake's work that is posted here: [link]
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TickleFanatic Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Interesting piece :)
BigBlueFeather Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks! :) It was a commission for a friend for Christmas last year xD
TickleFanatic Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
I'm reading the next part now, it's hard to stop reading it. You're a very talented writer! (I'd be honoured to illustrate your stuff sometime, just sayin')
BigBlueFeather Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks so much! =D I'd love it if you would, that'd be so cool!!
TickleFanatic Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Well hey, send me a note man, if you wanna have a think about which parts of which stories you'd like to give me permission to draw. I would be honoured, I finished your story earlier and it was very good :D
BigBlueFeather Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yay! =D Sent that note, now off to bed! Nitey nite!
TickleFanatic Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Nighty night!
MMPRBlueRanger1993 Featured By Owner May 24, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
wow your talented writter
BigBlueFeather Featured By Owner May 26, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
MMPRBlueRanger1993 Featured By Owner May 27, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
your welcome
HiddenFruit Featured By Owner May 1, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Wow... amazing work. A wonderful piece to continue Blake's story. Erotic, but with a hint of vengeful gratification, and wonderfully written. Bravo.
BigBlueFeather Featured By Owner May 2, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Redrodents Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2011
Awsome part 2 ^^ Poor Tony, I almost feel sorry for the guy... almost XD
BigBlueFeather Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nahhhh ;) lol Thanks Redrodents!
Redrodents Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2011
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